Earthworks are the process of moving soil from one area to another.  This may appear to be a simple process, but is actually an engineering activity that requires skilful operation.  Vegetation and topsoil needs to be stripped and separated from the soils below.  Cut ground needs to be adequately battered back or retained for stability reasons.  Filling must be carefully undertaken with the soil at the right moisture content and compacted with the right compaction equipment.  The placement of fill may cause stability problems if carried out on a sloping site.

If the earthworks are not carried out correctly, there may be future settlement or stability problems.  Consequently, a geotechnical engineer is usually required to assess, design, supervise and certify earthworks.  Earthworks that are carried out under the supervision of a geotechnical engineer are generally referred to as ‘controlled’, ‘engineered’ or ‘certified’ earthworks.  Earthworks that aren’t supervised by a geotechnical engineer are referred to as ‘uncontrolled’ or ‘uncertified’ and are generally considered as illegal works by councils.

We provide a complete service for design, supervision and certification of earthworks.

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