It is usually a council requirement that geotechnical inspections, site observations and testing are undertaken during construction by a geotechnical engineer to confirm that the ground conditions are in accordance with the project geotechnical design assumptions and suitable for the foundations. A geotechnical engineer may be required during construction for:

  • building platform subgrade inspection
  • shallow strip or pad foundation excavation inspection
  • bored pile hole inspection
  • bridging pile hole inspection
  • retaining wall pile hole inspection
  • retaining wall foundation excavation inspection
  • cut to fill clay fill earthworks inspection
  • hard fill compaction observation and testing beneath floor slabs
  • CBR testing of road pavement, access way subgrade

We can provide inspection and certification of all geotechnical related aspects of construction.  Certification is usually provided in the form of a Producer Statement – Construction Review (PS4). These certifications are often used by Council to provide final sign-off of your building.

For larger scale subdivision earthworks, earthworks monitoring, inspections and certification may be more involved and require a Geotechnical Completion Report or GCR to be produced.

If you require a geotechnical engineer for a construction inspection or you would like further information, please contact us.