Retaining walls are structures that support a vertical face of earth, usually a cut or fill face.

In most areas, local councils generally require walls greater than 1.5m in height to be designed by an engineer.  Walls that are on sloping ground, are close to boundaries or have driveways above them may require engineer design regardless of height.

It is common for existing retaining walls to fail due to inadequate design or poor construction.  Often retaining walls fail due to poor drainage behind the wall that allows water pressure to build up, pushing against the wall.

We provide geotechnical services to investigate the ground around a retaining wall to determine the causes for failure (in the case of an existing failed wall) or to provide recommendations for the design of a new retaining wall. We can also provide our clients with a complete retaining wall engineering design solution based on the findings of our geotechnical investigation.

If you require a geotechnical assessment report for a retaining wall or you would like further information, please contact us.