If you have had a slip on your property or you are concerned about the stability of your property, you will need a geotechnical engineer to assess the site.

The assessment usually requires a site investigation of the property to be carried out.  This typically involves drilling one or more boreholes on the site.   Strength tests of the soil are usually undertaken within the borehole during the drilling process.   Other laboratory tests may also be carried out on the samples.  The results of the boreholes and testing will be used to assess the stability condition of the site.  Often a computer stability analysis will be carried out to provide a quantative assessment of the site stability.

A geotechnical report will be prepared that will present the findings of the site investigation, outline the stability assessment and determine if stabilising measures are required.

If you have had a slip on your property within 8m of your house, you may be entitled to compensation from the Earthquake Commission provided that the slip was due to natural causes (i.e. act of god).  We can help you with the Earthquake Commission process.  If you have already had an assessment undertaken by the Earthquake Commission, we can help you to assess the slip in more detail and design retaining walls or other stabilising methods to remediate your site. We can provide a complete design and build solution to remediate the slipped area.

If you require a geotechnical engineer for landslip assessment or you would like further information, please contact us.