If you are considering selling or purchasing a property, it is prudent to have the property checked for possible problems with building foundations or ground instability.

This is particularly important if the property is in an area of known geotechnical problems, such as:

  • cliff top properties
  • steep slopes
  • areas where soft soils or filled ground may be present
  • sites prone to earthquake induced liquefaction

We will inspect the site, check geological maps of the area, review our extensive record of previous geotechnical reports and review any existing reports on Council records.  Sometimes further borehole investigation work may be required.  With this information, we will make an assessment of the site and present our findings in a brief and easy to understand report.

By having such a pre-purchase geotechnical appraisal report you can reassure yourself if you are buying a property, or give potential purchasers confidence to proceed with a sale if you are selling a property.

If you require a pre-purchase geotechnical appraisal report to assist with your due diligence or would like further information, please contact us.