Project: Kopiko Road, Titirangi – Road Slip

Client: Auckland Transport

Date: April 2011 – August 2011


Project Description: Geoconsult provided a preliminary geotechnical assessment within 24 hours of being notified of the slip, a relatively large deep seated underslip associated with a gully feature. This consisted of a walkover survey, photographic record and identification of the slip failure mechanism and risk category.

Preliminary reinstatement options with rough order of costs were provided along with recommendations for temporary & minor works to make the area safe, monitoring and geotechnical investigation requirements were also specified. The slip was confirmed as a deep seated complex upper rotational and a deeper translational failure). Geotechnical investigation consisted of machine drilled boreholes, hand auger boreholes and detailed geomorphological mapping.

Re-instatement consisted of a significant tied back in-ground palisade wall. Geoconsult provided geotechnical inputs throughout the design process and undertook site inspections during construction. Additional investigations and inclinometer monitoring were undertaken at various sites around the head of this same gully up to late 2012 to monitor other ongoing land instability issues.