Building Settlement

Movements of the ground can often result in displacement of house foundations.  This can cause damage or cracking to the house. There are four main causes of foundation movement:

  1. Subsidence or settlement (due to consolidation or collapse of the soils below the foundations)
  2. Shrink-swell effects (resulting from the wetting or drying of clayey soils that causes the clay to shrink when dried or swell when wetted up.  Leaking drains or trees can contribute to this effect)
  3. Ground instability (due to slope movement)
  4. Bearing capacity failure (due to inadequate strength in the foundation soils)
  5. Liquefaction (of loose sands induced by earthquakes)

We can provide a geotechnical assessment of the ground conditons around the building to determine the causes of the settlement and make recommendations for remediation.  

We work with Underfoot Services Ltd to provide a complete design and construction solution to rectify the problem.

If you would like further information on building settlement problems, please contact Phil Williams on (09) 836 5311.

For liquefaction or other earthquake induced foundation damage in the Christchurch area, please contact Warren Sillitoe on (03) 281 7737.